Garage Door Service

Lightning Garage Doors is here to help you with all of your overhead door maintenance and inspection needs. We have certified technicians that can take care of these services for you. You need a company you can trust to do a good job, and we can provide that to you.

What is Garage Door Maintenance?

There are many working components that make up your garage door assembly. All of these parts are prone to wear out over the course of time. We recommend that you have your door serviced at least every 10,000 garage door cycles.


When our technicians come out for general maintenance service, they will:

Visually inspect parts- they will look over all of the parts on your door and look for wear. If parts need to be replaced, they will let you know. It is best to make the replacements before damage occurs.

Apply lubrication- as part of our Tune-n-Lube plan, the technician will apply lubrication to the rollers, drums, springs, tracks, and other parts of your door.

Tighten hardware- the tech will tighten up nuts and bolts. These pieces tend to loosen up from the vibration of the door opening and closing.

Check the weather seal- there is often a seal at the bottom of your door that insulates your garage. This seal can crack and dry out. If that has happened, more air will get in.

Determine balance- tracks can get out of alignment for a number of reasons. The technician will determine if the door needs to be balanced. When it is maligned, it adds strain on the opener as well as wears out the mechanical parts of the assembly.

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If you are in need of general maintenance or a safety inspection, call us today. Lightning Garage Doors will schedule a time for one of our technicians to come out and help you. We can come the same day or at a time that is better for you.

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What is an Inspection?

We can handle overhead door inspections for both commercial properties and residential. If we need to submit the inspection report to an authority, please let us know. Otherwise, we can provide you with the report.

During the inspection, they will look at:

  • Opener
  • Panels
  • Manual release handle
  • Warning labels
  • Springs
  • Hardware
  • How the door functions
  • Wall push button
  • Safety sensor
  • And moreā€¦

Our technicians will determine the safety of your assembly and provide you with what needs to be adjusted.