Garage Door Repair

Lightning Garage Doors has certified technicians that can work on any part of your overhead door. No matter what the make, model, or year, we have the ability to get in the right parts. Our technicians will troubleshoot what you are dealing with and then provide you with a solution.

Parts We Replace

There are many different elements that make up your garage door assembly. Every time your door opens and closes, it is considered a cycle. After 10,000 cycles, you can expect to experience a need for replacement parts- if not before.

Some of the parts we replace can include:


Cables are found on doors that have extension springs. The cables are there to provide you with added safety, in case the extension springs malfunction. Should the springs happen to malfunction the cables help to provide the support the door needs to stay in place.


Rollers run across the tracks that help lift and close the overhead door. As the opener raises or closes the equipment, the rollers move the door up and down.

This part needs to be well oiled in order to work properly. Also, if tracks become out of alignment, it can wear out the rollers on one side or another. As the rollers wear out, it can cause more and more problems with the system.


A drum is the casing in which a cable winds up. As the door raises, the cable will wind around a spindle into the drums. While it is going down, it will unwind out of the drum. This is another part that needs to be lubricated to work properly.


Tracks are the metal bars that hold the door up when it is opened. If you have a carriage style door, you will also have a track that the door runs along when opening and closing. If the track becomes malaligned or bent, it will cause damage to the opener. Too much resistance will wear out the opener.


If you have damage to one of the panels on your garage door, our technicians can swap it out. We will bring a replacement and remove the panel that is rusted or has a whole in it. Rather than buying a new door, replacing the panel can make for a good solution.

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